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Using Azure Monitor Workbooks to document your Azure resources

01/03/2020  |    13 minute read

In this post, we demonstrate how to build a self-updating inventory of Azure resources in any Resource Group, across multiple subscriptions. Then, we share the workbook to make it available to colleagues and other stakeholders.

Writing and Using Custom Assertions for Pester Tests

10/31/2017  |    15 minute read

Pester, the awesome PowerShell testing framework has recently introduced a capability which allows us to extend our test assertions. This allows to simplify our tests by abstracting custom or complex assertion logic away from the tests and into separate scripts or modules.

Reducing whitespace in the HTML generated by Jekyll

09/08/2017  |    2 minute read

The output HTML of Jekyll-based sites may contain quite a lot a whitespace. This is especially noticeable with pages relying heavily on Liquid tags with conditional logic or looping.

Measuring PowerShell code complexity : Why and How

04/18/2017  |    16 minute read

Why does code complexity matter ? As Administrators or engineers, we deal with complexity all the time. We build, document, support and deploy complex systems on a pretty-much-daily basis. The expertise required to work with these systems is part of what makes us valuable. So why should we st...