About TheShellNut

I like experimenting, exploring technologies, automating things, breaking building tools to expand my knowledge and skills.

The main purpose of this blog is to document the results of my endeavors.
Documenting these learnings in the form of blog posts allows me to retrieve and share them easily.

Where does the name “TheShellNut” come from ?

It is a vestige from the previous incarnation of this blog : theshellnut.com.
At that time, the content was pretty much all about shells (PowerShell and bash) and I thought “shell nut” was a nice pun.

About Mathieu Buisson

I’m ((Get-Date) - [DateTime]"03/07/1982").Days / 365 years old and I live in Ireland since 2008.

I have always been a writer (in a previous life, I was a gem picker in semantic fields, etymology fabulizer and puns coiner).
Nowadays though, what I write is mostly code.

I’m a Senior DevOps Engineer at Oneview Healthcare, automating our way towards Continuous Delivery. I work primarily on deployment, release engineering and configuration management.

What drives me :

  • Learning, growing, more, always
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Improving productivity (and ultimately quality) through automation
  • Solving problems with code (real problems, not coding puzzles)
  • Software engineering and delivery

What fuels me :

  • Coffee, lots of it (this might be the only area of my life where quantity matters more than quality)
  • Music (here is my coding playlist)

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