DevOps Resources


DevOps Library :

This YouTube channel has a whole bunch of DevOps-related tutorials, most of which are intended for beginners.
I liked their Jenkins series when I was getting started and I highly recommend it if you are considering a Jenkins certification.

bundyfx :

Flynn Bundy introduces many DevOps-related concepts in short, practical videos.
This is primarily on bleeding-edge topics and technologies.

Enabling DevOps Practices with Visual Studio Team Services Build :

This MVA course is a great introduction to VSTS capabilities to implement a CI/CD pipeline.

DevOps with Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server :

Another MVA course shows off VSTS features and how they map to modern DevOps practices.

Stop Hiring DevOps Experts and Start Growing Them by Jez Humble :

This talk recording is not just about hiring and/or managing employees, it is actually a nice summary of what DevOps is all about (or what it should be all about).
There are plenty of amazing talks from Jez Humble on YouTube, but I recently watched this one and particularly liked it.


The Phoenix Project :

No surprises there, The Phoenix Project is the unavoidable introduction to DevOps principles and how they can fundamentally transform an entire organization for the better.
It is written in the form of a novel but don’t read it for the writing style or the story, read it for the lessons that can be drawn for this DevOps journey.

The DevOps Handbook :

After The Phoenix Project, Gene Kim (with other DevOps rockstars) strikes again.
There is no other material that can articulate so clearly and convincingly the DevOps principles, practices and benefits.
This is a detailed and holistic view of what DevOps is, demonstrating with examples how DevOps can lead to better IT performance and ultimately better business performance.
Don’t try to read this book with a highlighter, you will end up highlighting every other sentence !

Google’s Site Reliability Engineering book :

Google pioneered the whole SRE discipline as a way to solve the traditionally conflicting incentives, mindsets and skills sets between Dev and Ops.
Very basically, it consists in (among other things) putting engineers with a software background in charge of infrastructure operations.
Sounds scary ? Well, not every company can really do this because not every company is Google.
But still, this is a fascinating read and the underlying principles are definitely inspiring.

The Release Pipeline Model Whitepaper :

This 43 pages whitepaper is a very approachable, high-level view of modern release management.
It covers the key components and benefits of an automated delivery pipeline for software or IT services :

  • Source control
  • Builds
  • Infrastructure-as-Code to manage environments
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Operations

I should probably mention : this is a Microsoft-sponsored whitepaper so it is definitely Microsoft-centric.



Microsoft DevOps Blog

TechBeacon - DevOps

SRE Weekly

Jenkins Community Blog

Please Release Me

Can You DevOp With Windows?

Benjamin Day Consulting Blog


WinOps :

If you are “doing the DevOps” in a Microsoft-centric world, then this is the conference to attend.
Lots of great sessions and the speaker lineup is prestigious. To give you a quick idea, last year’s keynote speaker was Jeffrey Snover.
Here are the session recordings from the 2016 edition.